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I've played a bit of eternum and enjoyed it (I got to after you get the gear to get into the game) I was impressed by the story, just now found you on here and that you have one game thats fully finished* (or at least unless you go past 1.0) , plan to check it out soon as I finish downloading and see what its like, I expect from eternum that its going to be just as much of a story telling masterpiece <3

Hope you like it!

Whe will l update it

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Bro... i don't know what to say 

just thank you caribdis really thank you for this great game 

The drama, action،ending and music evry thing is perfect actually no words can describe it  

I love your games i played eternum and once-in-a-lifetime i enjoyed them alot and I will play more games that you made  i really liked your creativity thank you again iam Literally crying man the (normal) end I once in a lifetime is so soft and great iam waiting your creativity in eternum 0.4 and for the last time thank you❤️❤️‍🔥

Thank you very much! 💗

What's the song at the yakuza meeting its so good I'm so glad you added that scene it had me laughing and re-playing it multiple times Love the game great work

Song for Denise :]

Thanks :)

It's an excellent game. I really liked it. I congratulate you. The only thing missing was the sounds of the girls' moans.

Fair enough, glad you liked it!

I have 6.1 gb storage free and when i try to install the game it says clear up space even though I have 6.1 gb free and the game is only 1.88 gb 

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Best wingman ever, the Glorius Stabby Mike... ahahahaa

Creator i don't know how to put this but this is actually the first time i played a game like this from start to finish and from the bottom of my heart i genuinely believe this game was an overall masterpiece i wouldn't change a thing. Thank You for making this game <3.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

is it voiced?

It's not


this is the only eroge I've actually played from start to finish, both spicy scenes and storytelling are amazing! I'm excited to try Eternum next, keep it up with your amazing work!

I'll try to get that secret ending now 👀 


Thank you! Glad you liked it!


Well.. how should i put it. Let's say you've just got yourself another supporter. All the genres that Once in a Lifetime has, have always been my favourites, so I think I might've found the perfect game for me actually. I'd like to thank you for this experience, I truly appreciate those (and those people's work of course), who pour their heart and passion into something they love doing. I also loved every second of this wonderful story! Guess I'll have to play again..
So thank you, and I'm excitedly looking forward to seeing your ongoing, and oncoming works!

PS.: Just before the end, Mike's reference to the title was genius.

Oh I forgot to ask, do you make the music yourself?

No, I use songs from non-copyright sources and artists ^^

I see, I was wondering because I've never heard these before. Good choices though :D


Thank you so much!!!


Just finished my playthrough and I legitimately don't understand how it was able to evoke such emotion within me, my only regret now is finishing it. Thank you for pouring your love into this game!

Thank you for playing <3

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Hey I am just about to end the game but Rebecca got an end and I don't want that end, I want her to in the herem


To get Rebecca route, u need to avoid every dark path. The first one is when u drank the potion in the village u will get visions like spiderman and batman after all that visions, the MC will encounter the Devil and he will offer to join him. Make sure to refuse him. And the second one is when ur in the Mansion and ur just about to take the book, the game will give u two choice, either go to the girls scream or take the book. Dont take the book and go for the girls. U will get the book after u leave the mansion. If u done this two u can get Rebecca route. At her wedding make sure to talk yo the pianist and change the wedding song to the Evagelian or something. And ask the Father to stall the groom. If u avoid the two dark path i mentioned, the Father will help u. If u didnt avoid the fark path he will refuse. But all of these will only work if u build up enough points. Hope that helps.



Just finish the game and holy fuck is it good, no not even good a masterpiece. I went into this game to wank and ended up crying at the end. Once in a lifetime is a truly once in a lifetimes experience (I bet you heard this joke many time LOL) the story is captivating, the humor is actually funny and the lewdness is just right. The only flaw of the game is that it isnt long enough, theres nothing to say that hasnt already been said. To think this was your first game, I cant wait to play Eternum! Anyways,  I hope you stay safe and continue making games! 

Thank you so mcuh, Arzgon!!
I hope you like Eternum too!

Hi Caribdis, is there a way to delete saved progress? I tried re-downloading it but the saves are still there :(

I think you have to delete them in in %APPDATA%/RenPy/onceinalifetime
But it's a Windows hidden folder, so it might be tricky

Don't know if this will work for the game but try this,
hover your mouse on the save files and hit the "delete" key on your keyboard.

Hope this helps.


OMG this game is so funny.  The characters are all great -- especially the main character.  The sex is great.  But the writing is tremendous.  Usually I skip dialog to get to the boobies.  But this game is so good.  I laughed out loud many times.  Thank you for such a great game!

Thank you so much!!!


I f*cking enjoy it this game, one of best games that i played. All of it, the hilarious scenes and the h scenes, the story engages you in an incredible way. Seriously, you did a great work, 10/10. I look forward to playing Eternum to continue enjoying your work and your fascinating stories


Thank you so much, novak!

10/10 10 hours of play were worth it

whats the password in the computer 

pls help


All the info you need is in the walkthrough

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hey first i loved the game really 

but i dont know why too mane scenes it didnt happend and the game ended quickly with my death at game how can i change that end ?

i'm talking about once in a lifetime

All the info you need is in the walkthrough!

eyyow whats up Im back idk if you remember me Im one of your biggest fan I love your artwork btw can I ask whats new? because I already finished the game already before

I play your games as soon as every updates lol I love it af



perfect <3


come for the scene, stay becuz the story. I stayed up all night and finish the game in one go (its monday morning when I write this comment). 10/10 will comeback and check your new game when I get some sleep after work lol

Glad you liked it!

I tried to download on mac but for some reason it doesn't let me and gives me a message about it being hosted on an incompatible third party website. Any help would be much appreciated. (Downloading it through the itch app btw)

I can't upload it directly to itch because the file size is too big, sorry about it

loved it, just wish there was a gallary/scene replay

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There is one, you have to right-click during the game and then "Gallery"

im blind af, thank you :)

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I finally beat it, it took a while

Liked it but I believe Eternum and all the other games to be made are better of course this was your first game and you should be proud its great and nothing should be changed maybe add a DLC? in other projects?. I hope your last project when time comes will accorporate all the things you learn on each and every game you make.

P.S stay safe

I always try to improve, indeed :)





Fantastic game. A perfect mix of suspense, comedy, and lewdness. 10/10.

Glad you liked it!


i love this game



Already played eternum and planing to play this one too, i hoppe this game will be awesome 😎👍, Thanks for the efforts

Trust me this one is as good as eternum


This one will blow you away.

Can someone help me find this game, it starts with some sort of battle I think the protagonist lost the war or something and then some years later a succubus or something revived him.


dark lord

or the awakening?

nope, I think the protag is evil in the game I'm looking for


Tyrant quest

thank you sooo much I was searching for hours


at first I got this game because yaknow its a porn game, I ended up playing this game for three days straight, I was no longer here for porn I was here for a story. 11/10 game a truly wonderful piece of work.


I've also played what you have completed for Eternum and all I can say is I know it wont disappoint. Keep up the amazing work

I keep losing judies path after azazel dies. is there something I need to do preivously before the confrontation or ?

nice work on the game btw !

You're supposed to see a special scene with her, yes.
Download the walkthrough for more info!


Love your game. Great story with scary and funny situations. One of the best vn i have ever played.



Caribdis please never give up on what youre doing. You are an astonishing writer and brilliant artist! Keep up the excellent work!

I'll try! Thank you!

i would love to try this game out my i have this issue i put other games like this on here with the same thing but the file ARCHIVE.RPA won't let me for some reason any one can help me something about a memory issue but i know i dont have that issue.

unless im over lookin something.


I finished 2 days ago. I almost cry whenever thỉnk about the best ending i got because the ending too perfect :(( . Best game i have played. 🤧

Thank you so much!

Gg for you

hey can you play as a girl in this game? 

You can't



This and eternum both break the mold for pgames, it's incredible the amount of theatrical talent that went into these stories. The porn was more of a side part, the little cherry on top to these otherwise incredible storytelling goldmines. I would go on, but there really isn't much to say beyond they are really in another ballpark entirely, unable to be compared since this is more of a game with porn elements than porn with game elements like a lot of others.

Thank you so much, Rinkutsuki

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