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I'm Caribdis and I'm creating Once in a Lifetime, a choice-based visual novel made in Ren'py with tons of romance, mystery, humor, and much more!



You live in Mistbury, an apparently normal town where you live an apparently normal life with your family. However, you'll soon discover that this place hides some deep dark secrets and things can heat up very fast...

From infiltrating into a prison to exploring mysterious mansions and traveling to the other side of the world: embark on an adventure of conspiracies, meeting bizarre characters, living unique experiences, seducing gorgeous girls and, if there's time, saving the world.

If Astaroth seizes power, it will be the end for all of us.
Only you can stop him.

Esse est deus.



  • Harem
  • Romance
  • Corruption
  • Masturbation, oral, vaginal and anal sex
  • Creampie
  • Ahegao
  • Cosplay
  • Massage
  • POV
  • Pregnancy

And more!


The game has more than 6500 renders, more than 160 different animations, and hours of content! 

If you enjoyed Once in a Lifetime, you can take a look at the new game I just started: Eternum! More of the same, but better!

The game is free and it always will be. However, if you'd like to support the development of the game, please check out my Patreon or Subscribestar pages, where you can get Exclusive Content, get updates before anyone else, and much more!

Thank you!


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(2,698 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Comedy, Erotic, Male protagonist, Mystery, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone


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Once in a Lifetime 1.0 - APK 1 GB

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Haven't finished yet, but gotta say your comedic writing is amazing. Shits funny as fuck

Thank you!!

Can I win the numbers game against tom?

Yes, befriend the bouncer at the gates and look at him during the game. He’ll tell you the numbers


finished the game today. Beautiful. I never thought an adult game could be so addictive. Excellent plot thanks to which I spent some very pleasant hours. Simply thank you!

Thank you very much!!

How do you stay on Rebecca's path? After the wedding stuff, there's no way to stay on her path, I got her to 17/20, what am I doing wronf or what am I missing?


You must not have taken the book at the mansion. Download the walkthrough for more help


This is by far the best visual novel I have played. I am looking forward to playing Eternum next! I was wondering whether there was a soundtrack list somewhere. Absolutely great selection. 

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Thank you, Jonitan! I don’t have a list sorry 🙏🏻


Wow i'm stunned, the game is awesome ! I just started playing Eternum when i saw someone recommanding OiaLT and man i'm glad i tried it ! I see many comments saying the same thing but i guess i'll write one more.. 
I really enjoyed everything in the game, the plot and humor are great ! And we can see while playing how much effort you put into it, it's incerdible :D
I downloaded it for free to give it a try as I wasn't convinced (I'm not used to visual novels and never played any before) but i'll gladly pay for it now !
Also, I loved how you added some jokes in the background while we're talking to someone, it's really funny ^^
Can't wait to play Eternum when it reach 1.0 i'm sure it'll be even better !!

PS: Thanks for the Evangelion part, i didn't expect it at all but it hit me right in the feels :')

Thank you very much!!

Happy to hear you enjoyed it!


This games is one of the absolute best VN's I have ever played. One of the best stories In any game I have played for a long time. The quality of writing is just top tier. Found this game through Eternum after I saw the quality being produced by this dev. The game is touching and humorous at the same time. I genuinely believe this is the best Adult VN I have played so far (Though I already believe that Eternum will be even better!) All props to the dev for releasing this absolute treasure for free to the public! 

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it!

Well, I do like it. A lot. 

But god I had hard times on a big screen reading white text on bright background) It will be a great idea to always have some sort of hidable 'dark box' for the text to be displayed on)

Glad you liked it! And sorry about the text, it’s one of the things I fixed and improved in Eternum


Finished it second time, with a walkthrough now, to see what I missed... And it's like half) Man, if ever one would ask you 'why the hell you are doing it', just answer 'cuz ppl love it'.

Hi there,

I'm trying to download this game for on my Android phone but the download quits after about 800mb. Every single time. I've tryed to download it on 2 On all of the devices the downloads were unsuccessful. Can someone help with this please?


Caribdis, this game was magically fantastic.  I didn't really know what to expect, I don't really play too many single player games, let alone visual novels like this.  I'm blown away, the story is great, the comedic timings are perfect, and I absolutely love the main characters (I'm looking at you Judie, Lauren, and Jasmine).  I wound up at the all girls ending and I think it nearly broke my heart it was over, but the ending renders were so happy and fantastic.  I'm stuck on this game and the female characters, I'll probably have to replay it a couple times, which I rarely, if ever, do with story games.  I wish you could do a small update for the story in this game at the same time as Eternum, looking forward to future releases for that as well.  Thank you so much for creating this game for us.

I’m very glad you liked it! Thank you for playing!

Just found the Calypso reference on my third playthrough. I'm hoping we'll see a cameo of the OIALT protagonist in Eternum!

There will be some references yeah :)

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I laughed with tears when I heared the song Yi Jian Mei (so called Xue Hua Piao Piao, Bei Feng Xiao Xiao, a meme appeared during corona time) during playing this game. Now while many countries have already lifted the corona rule, people in China still fight for basic living needs. You can not imagine how ridiculous the rule is there. Many living building's front door was locked from outside which is dangerous when there is a fire. I wish the government could do something positive to bring life to normal, not just locking down.

Love this game as well as Eternum. The story, graphics... Please keep the great work. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much! Hope that situation gets better soon

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Hi caribdis thank you for this wonderful game. I have one question is there going to be a 2nd part of this game?

Man this is the best game everything is perfect so can you please make 2nd part of this game and continue the storyline?


If you can't wait, check another game Eternum also by caribdis.

Not in my plans for now, I’m focused on Eternum, and after that, I’ll make a new game

Holy f, the story caught me like crazy. After having played the current public Eternum build a while ago, I now “binged” this game from start to finish over 2 days and I was not disappointed.

Your stories, characters, decision trees (and H-scenes) are great!

Thank you very much!!

Just played Eternum and absolutely loved it! Decided to play this game and I just have to say you are a creative genius, man I love your work

Thank you so much!!

I wanted to ask anyone who knows, is it possible to reactivate a lost path? or when it's lost it's lost forever?

When it’s lost it’s lost forever


Thank you!

How to unlock the last scene? I followed the walkthrough

You must be on Lauren and Judie paths and choose the right movie

Damn i love your work man! Especially that Evangelion choice at the wedding as an Evangelion fan i thank you for putting that there

Thank you very much!

Maybe im dumb but how do I unlock that first scene in the gallery?

That’s weird, if you have the other Judie scenes you must have seen it already. It’s the one at the pool when Tom enters the bathroom.

I guess it’s a bug of the gallery, sorry about it

No worries! I just thought that I was messing something up during my gameplays lol. Loved every bit of the game though!

I think the reason is because you lost "path" with Judie. this happened with me too I lost path with 3 already


Mike is the best character


I should have done this a long time ago, but there’s no time like the present. I found Once in a Lifetime back in September 2020. I had played my fair share of AVN’s, and I thought that this one seemed promising. But once I actually played it, my whole view of AVN’s changed completely. With so many AVN's out there that just revolve around sex, Caribdis showed me that there are more promising things to look for in AVN’s. He takes all the greatest elements that a game (or even a movie) should have and combines them. A great story, beautiful characters with great personalities and rich character development, top-tier comedy, mystery and horror elements (my personal favorite), and even more! But at the same time, the adult scenes are as great as any I've seen in the best AVN’s I've played. Anyway, this is kind of my love letter to OiaLt. If you’re pondering whether you should play this game, don’t hesitate. Just download it already!


Thank you so much Horn 💗💗💗💗💗 Play Marked for Eternity! :P

First Eternum, now this one. Your games are awesome. A great writer. I have no words, not anymore.

Thank you <3

(1 edit)

I never comment on anything but I had to make an account just for this. I just wanted to say this game made me go through a roller coaster of emotions, I loved the comedy in this game it made me laugh throughout the game play, the romance and the story line is just too good, I loved and enjoyed every single part of the game, from now on I'll be supporting you waiting for more content. Thanks a lot for making this game!

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it!

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Great game, great story and great humor! Laure then best girl! Carla is a top tier MILF.

Edit: I lied, they're all best girl.


Thank you!

on the itch.io app it says that the game is ¨this title is hosted on an incompatible third party server¨ and it won't allow me to download it anyone know how to fix this problem?

You have to download it from the host website. Can’t use itch direct upload because it says the file is too big

Is that a reference? HAHAHHA


This game is hilarious. I downloaded for the sex scenes but I finished it for the story and the jokes, they landed most of the time. 9/10

Glad you liked it!

I see that you the creator of this game is active and I would like to ask if its okay to run this on an Amazon tablet?

I don’t know tbh, but it should be good

Hey sorry for bothering you, but I finished the game completely and I got every scene in the gallery except the absolute last one. Any help regarding this would be appreciated

You must be on both Lauren and Judie paths and choose the right movie

This game is just perfect for me👌,i hope i can donate you soon if have get paid,sorry for downloading for free

Glad you liked it! And no worries, I made it free so everyone could play :D

Its a relif to hear,i hope you will make this game endless slice of life after finishing the main story i love all of heroine and how main well developed thank you so much for this masterpiece❤

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so im just wondering, which ending is the ''good ending''? ive got a bunch of different once but its hard to tell tbh

*******SPOILER******* *******SPOILER****** *******SPOILER*********** 

Just wondering if there is a way to not leave all the other girls behind after beating your dad, and only taking one of the girls with you on the plane?

One of the best adult games ive ever played, the story, the animation, the soundtracks EVERYTHING was so good 11/10 

(just wondering, whats the name of that one rock song you play in the minibus before departuring with all the girls?)

Thanks! The “best ending” is when you can take all the girls with you. You need to have freed Stabby Mike from prison and have helped him during your adventure for that to happen

I like your game and new work, although I hope to see the bad scene or necrotic ending in Eternity (for example, the part where Lauren was sold to the gang, which may cause most people's discomfort). Thank you for your production to salute you


A similar scene is unlikely because as you said most people didn’t like that. Thanks, though!

so i'm in the process of working through this wonderful title but could i ask would it be possible to add an opacity slider for the dialogue background i sometimes find it difficult to read.

other than that i'm thoroughly enjoying this experience. also I've played Eternum and it's AMAZING what you've done so far.

Thank you very much! Unfortunately no, that’s not an option in OiaLt


I just completed this game the plot of the story is so good keep making these amazing visual novels.


I will! Thanks!

Ethernum played before that...but trying finding out all endings (happy and bad ones)...WAS CRAZY!

Really really really good job! Loved all the plot! Really interesting read all you've done. Congratulations!

Thank you so much!


Good game.  Well worth a play.

lol after a while of reading the comments people saying your new game is the same but better so ima download that one and write my opinion cause I’ve been stuck playing harem hotel and champion of realms

Hope you like it

do you guys know hot to download the game I’ve been trying to and it’s keeps sending me to mega link and idk how to use that



20/10, can't believe i found this after i played Eternum. I see where the roots and humor came from lol. Lauren will always be my best girl. Anyone who played this should definitely play Eternum too, that game is visually stunning. 

Thank you very much <3

Does someone have a compatible save file for 1.0 up until 0.9 (right before the MC hast the choice to kill a certain person)? I lost all my progress when i got my new phone and everytime i try to load one of my old save files from 0.9 i get error messages. 

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