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I'm Caribdis and I'm creating Once in a Lifetime, a choice-based visual novel made in Ren'py with tons of romance, mystery, humor, and much more!



You live in Mistbury, an apparently normal town where you live an apparently normal life with your family. However, you'll soon discover that this place hides some deep dark secrets and things can heat up very fast...

From infiltrating into a prison to exploring mysterious mansions and traveling to the other side of the world: embark on an adventure of conspiracies, meeting bizarre characters, living unique experiences, seducing gorgeous girls and, if there's time, saving the world.

If Astaroth seizes power, it will be the end for all of us.
Only you can stop him.

Esse est deus.



  • Harem
  • Romance
  • Corruption
  • Masturbation, oral, vaginal and anal sex
  • Creampie
  • Ahegao
  • Cosplay
  • Massage
  • POV
  • Pregnancy

And more!


The game has more than 6500 renders, more than 160 different animations, and hours of content! 

If you enjoyed Once in a Lifetime, you can take a look at the new game I just started: Eternum! More of the same, but better!

The game is free and it always will be. However, if you'd like to support the development of the game, please check out my Patreon or Subscribestar pages, where you can get Exclusive Content, get updates before anyone else, and much more!

Thank you!


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4,197 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Comedy, Erotic, Male protagonist, Mystery, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone


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Once in a Lifetime 1.0 - PC (MediaFire)
Once in a Lifetime 1.0 - MAC
Once in a Lifetime 1.0 - APK 1 GB
Chinese translation - PC - [1.0]
Chinese translation - ANDROID - [1.0] 1 GB
一生一次1.0攻略 1 MB

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Not to be cocky, but I have mastered Breaking Bad, yo.

On a serious note, thank you, Caribdis, I love your work! I'll be sure to play Eternum after finishing this one.

I'd just finished the game and, wow, I just can't don't leave a comment here, Caribdis are 100% sure an awesome story telling guy, the history is fcking awesome, the jokes and references, the multiples options and consequences, and [spoiler alert] stabby mike?? Damn I was REALLY mad bcs of his death, he was by far my favorite character and then he came back with a fcking plot twist LOL. 10/10 Masterpiece! Can't wait for Eternum updates too, love both! Grettings from Brazil! <3


New fear unlocked , getting spoiled in a series I 'm watching by a porn game

What's the password for the psychiatric hospital

32084, there's an offical walkthrough among the game downloads that can help you with these kind of things.






大佬 怎么下载到底 试了好几次都不行




Wondering if it be possible that Once in a lifetime will be remaked with better renderings and quality?  Sincerely like your games!

You truly got a great aptitude! Love from China.

I actually play this a long time ago but couldn't keep up with my time management to play so this has been in my phone for while but I do play regularly but not a daily basis and now I reach the end of the story and I might say this is the greatest and wholesome indie game I ever played.I surprised to see that Eternum is also your work.No wonder why I kept seeing the same MC for OnceInALifetime on Eternum. Anyway thanks for making this game.

Spoiler :

Btw when I just now realize that when Stabby Mike when about to "die" on sewage, He says "that kind of love come once in a lifetime"

Perfect choice of word

Great story.

Great plot twist.

Great sense of Humor.

Plethora of choice consequence.

Amazing choice of character personality.

A bit awkward art render but I do not blame you for that.

I glad I choose the right action everytime to make sure to have the best ending possible.

I do recommend this other users that want to experience vanilla plot but I do tell you the wholesomeness is depending on your choice.

Sir Caribdis,you have done it.

I won't delete this even though I've finished it.

This game have a special place in my phone and my heart.

I'm glad I found OnceInALifetime

Thanks, Sir Caribdis

Regards : 


just finished it and love the game and I'm waiting for eternum 0.7 i fking love the game

i just finished the ending when you take all the girls and beat astoroth and i about cried perfect song choice btw 

someone was playing either fallout 3 or 4 when they made this 

like seriously between dogmeat and then plimoth rock among others not complaning tho love those games


This game is masterpiece just like Eternum, i actually played this game few months before Eternum but came back to it because i forgot what story of it was about, it was awesome, altough it was perfect i hated one thing about it, to be more precise one person, Oliver this son of a b**** it was even more painful playing to get secret ending, i won't say why to don't spoiler the game though, i hated him so much, definitely more than i hated axel from Eternum, so aside from that perfect game, i would definitely reccomend it to everyone

(1 edit)

It popping up like damn 

 by the way I love this game is so good

You know what, I usually don't write comments but damn this game was so absolutely hilarious that I just had to say I really appreciate the humor. The characters have great personalities and this is probably the first VN I've actively read all the lines in due to genuine interest! Thanks for this absolute gem of a game <3

Thank you for making this.

Great game! I started playing after Eternum and thought that after setting the bar so high this game wouldn’t hook me... but I was wrong.

I have one question for Caribdis (SPOILERS):

In good endings when the MC is standing near the Grimoire, does he hesitate to open the book at that moment? Before someone takes his hand?

Thank you for creating such good games!

(1 edit) (+2)

Caribdis!! You are amazing, Man. I really like Once in a Lifetime. I guess the only constructive criticism that I can say is that it lacks Women Sound Effects. Especially when you know they are doing it. It would have been more provocative and more hot.

HOWEVER.... that is a very miniscule thing though. Overall, I am very very happy with this game.

Here's my small request, this comment will probably get buried and you might not see it. But if you do. PLEASE... Make a SEQUEL! Why? You might ask. Besides the experience the story is on fire! It's the mixed of mystery and comedy for me. You should be a script writer! You might think that I am BS'ing you from all of these compliments but I really meant it. You can take it my compliment or you can just ignore it. 

Please, please, please! Make a sequel, I'd love to see those 3 girls and the main character in action again. This can be a trilogy of like sexy detective story. I know you are busy with the other game but a sequel will be amazing.


(SPOILER ALERT) The ending! The player should have control to have *** with all the girls and have group *e* with them... We have seen Aiko and Lauren, Judie and Iris, and Lauren and Jasmine. But what about Carla and Rebecca? Or Carla with Judie and Lauren? I wish that there are more freedom at the end. 


I completely agree with everything stated in this comment. I acknowledge that you have eterum to work on now, which I am very much excited for the continuation of it's story line, but Once in a lifetime was unexpectedly captivating and I would love for you to make a sequel, maybe even when eternum is finished! 

I get that you might not return to this page as the game is now finished, but if you do please consider it!


This is a masterpiece of a game! There is a choice to only fuck one girl in the entire game, which is great. Harem is optional and avoidable. I absolutely love Lauren, so I went for her without any two-timing.

 Definitely gonna try other routes someday. Story was so good that I played this on breaks at work.

Only thing missing is a gallery/H-event playback system. Good thing I saved at those scenes. 


There is a gallery! The save menu has a gallery button on the left.


Mr. Caribdis, you have created a masterpiece! This is the best AVN there is. I love the story, it has everything. A bit too much comedy for me, but you implemented it very well. Different routes/endings are well constructed; playing the secret ending route was depressing(an effect that lasted for a couple of days even after finishing the game), but that's how it's supposed to be. The epilogue for the harem ending was extremely well done. 

I love all the characters, those girls are great! However, I also appreciate the fact that a lot of men are present in the game. Some of the other AVNs have literally no male besides the protagonist and I just can't help but think "Come on mate, I can handle a man being on screen. Surely the story would make more sense and be overall better if you included some. You never stated that men were extinct and the main character was the last guy on Earth". Anyway, good job with that.

As for visuals, overall the game is very satisfactory. The only thing I can fault you for is all the texture clipping, but hey - you are one guy, doing the entire game by yourself as a side-job, plus this is your first project, it's completely understandable. Honestly, with how enjoyable Once in a lifetime is, I really don't mind it. There is a great variety of outfits(that fit the circumstances they are worn in), the girls change hairstyles - these are factors that give you points in my book. Animations are great. Angles are well chosen. While I don't usually care for different points of view during sex scenes, as with many other things, you did well in this department.

The level of English is good(especially compared to a lot of other AVNs), however there was still some amount of errors. I'm sure I'll be playing the game in the future again, I could write them down and send you corrections.

Eternum. I will be completely honest with you: I am really not a fan of the "VR game within a game" concept, especially if we are talking about an adult visual novel. It is very unappealing for me. However, I owe it to you and your first game to at least try it. Which I will definitely do, albeit only when the game is finished. Because it is your game, I want full experience of a completed product, so I shall wait until it's done before I play it. By the way, is your name a reference to a certain... individual... from Greek mythology?

This is one of my favourite game games of all time and I don't mean just within the AVNS. 

Thank you for creating Once in a lifetime!


Thank you so much, glad you liked! I hope you like Eternum as well!

And yeah, it comes from Greek mythology :D

I second this.

Deleted 13 days ago

The game is completed


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I love so much this game. What's the name of the song used in the "best ending" when we have all the girls with us?

"I'll be right behind you, Josephine" by Josh Woodward

This song is now forever associated with OIALT.


Thank you very much

Dude I love your games so fucking much please make more and update the rest

(1 edit)

The best game I've ever played, now let's try Eternum

but please add a Spanish translation

dude, I must say... You are awesome.... First of all I really liked the intro speech and it just kept getting better. Although art is a weak point but the game was just so good that it never let me notice it. The whole journey was filled with emotions.... The joy, fun, love all was great... I don't have a international credit card now, but as soon as I get one, I promise you are gonna be the first person whom I support on patreon. You won my heart dude.... Keep up the good work 

Thank you so much!

After playing for almost half an hour, I really thank you, and I didn't know that the password was wrong and found that there was a Chinese version. I don't know how to express how I feel right now.

Glad you're liking it!

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Ok... So I'm probably almost at the end, but I have to write this now...

When "Anything Goes" started playing, I started jumping in my seat and jamming to it like crazy. It caught me totally out of nowhere.

Caribdis, thank you for making this. Can't wait to check out Eternum later.

Hope you like Eternum too!


Ok I just finished this game and I HAVE to write a comment! This game is so amazing, words can't even describe it. It was funny, it was scary, it was sexy, it was sad, it had an insanely cool plot and amazing characters! I had so much fun playing this and 1000% recommend to anyone and everyone! I only wish there was more for me to play!! Love it so much, you did an amazing job and I will be downloading Eternum soon! Tysm for making this :)

Thank you! I hope you like Eternum!

Good game tho i cant figure out the code at the resident evil part i found 42038 but i cant find the corret combination

White, red, green, grey, black. That's the order of the numbers. 

Now take a look at the numbers again, the characters even say what color the number is. Cause it's a bit hard to tell grey from white in the darkness. And the black number has slightly green edges, but try it again, lemme know if you need the number itself, I wouldn't wanna spoil it to you.

(1 edit)

EDIT: Looks like someone was faster than me *angrily shakes fist in the air*

These numbers are correct but in the wrong order. The game gives you the hint again when you try to type the code in:  "White, red, green, grey, black. That's the order. That's the way"

Otherwise, you can always consult the walkthrough if you're stuck, it's among the game downloads.


Damn i love this game i played eternum before and both are crazy good and The Dildo boy made my day i had a blast its funny ashell love the story and for sure the dildo boy 

Dude, I just played the part with the dildo boy. His expression was perfect! This game is truly hilarious. 

Stabby Mike is awesome too, can't wait to see him again.

yeah didnt had a laugh like that before he's truly hilarious 


Glad you liked it! thank you!

very cool


i really want to play this but every time i try to launch it i get this message:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

Before loading the script.

error: Error -5 while decompressing data: incomplete or truncated stream

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "E:\other\Onceinalifetime-1.0-pc\Onceinalifetime-1.0-pc\renpy\bootstrap.py", line 314, in bootstrap


  File "E:\other\Onceinalifetime-1.0-pc\Onceinalifetime-1.0-pc\renpy\main.py", line 308, in main


  File "E:\other\Onceinalifetime-1.0-pc\Onceinalifetime-1.0-pc\renpy\loader.py", line 136, in index_archives

    index = loads(f.read().decode("zlib"))

  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/encodings/zlib_codec.py", line 43, in zlib_decode

error: Error -5 while decompressing data: incomplete or truncated stream



Any advice on what to do?


This looks like a general problem with Renpy, not this game specifically. Apparently, your game files are incomplete in some way. The downloaded zip file should be exactly 5,085,067,224 Bytes large, that's something you should ensure first.

If that looks good, some people reported that their antivirus messed with the game files and they needed to setup an exception for the game and then decompress the zip file anew.

(1 edit)

Hello, loved your eternum game, wanted to try this game of yours as well, but whenever I download this game after the downloading is completed till 80-90% the downloading gets cancelled and this msg appears, i tried downloading multiple times but this keeps on happening even when I used different browsers

I was downloading the android file, would appreciate it if anyone could help

(1 edit) (+1)

Hm, do you have enough space for the file? You should have at least a total of 5 GB of free space beforehand, not only for the download but also the installation.

(1 edit)

I had exactly only 5 GB space left lol, I will make more space and after that I will get back to you and report if it resolved the problem or not


Ok so first I made 10GB space but it started failing at around 95% after freeing 16 GB space I was able to download it 

Thanks for the help :)

Great! Very odd though. You need >10GB of free space just to download a <2GB file? What is going on there?

Yeah lol, it was really wierd, but whatever it was the game is now downloaded 😆

Yo get ready! Once in a lifetime is a personal favourite of mine


were and how do you get the games i hit downlode and its a zip file

This game got me invested, i love the characters, ofc Fit Jack, Mike and Aiko are the best imo, genuinely good story and loved the experience 5⭐

Thank you so much!

(1 edit) (+2)

Caribdis...you really hit a homerun with this AVN. Best story, perfectly spaced scenes, choices that actually matter. I'm in awe finishing this and seeing how amazing it was. It's a true shame that it's finally over, and though eternum is superb as well, I prefer this one above all others out there. Maybe a future OIALT direct sequel? A man can dream. Also, Jasmine best girl.


As much as I love this game, I still love Eternum more.  This game is fantastic but Eternum is just one step more refined.  One thing for sure. I do not think it is possible to beat Caribdis when it comes to making games.


Agree to disagree on game pref, totally agree on Caribdis being the goat. I just connect more with oialt. It might sound weird but I like the graphics of it more than eternum.

Thank you so much!

And yeah, I consider this game finished, and I'm working full time on Eternum now. When Eternum is done, I'll start a new game!

i was gonna ask this in the discord but im not a patreon member but i need to know who to get the scene after the first 3some can somone help me pls?

(1 edit)

That's a lewd scene with Aiko, you need to be on her path and admit the threesome to her when she asks you about it. It takes place at the gas station on your way back from the village.

(1 edit) (+1)

From rus

I just tried it a second time, and it caused me such emotions that I did not have this from any other game, I felt joy, sadness and feelings I did not understand from the second passage

I think this is one of the best if not the best game I've played in general

Thank you for this game, as soon as possible, I will immediately support you on patreon

and what do you think, should we start eternum now or wait for the release of 1.0?

Thanks again, it was great.

Thank you so much!!

You should start Eternum now! There are a lot of hours of content already!


Is this the final version


Yes, a finished AVN! Crazy, right?


Created an account to comment. This is the best story game I've ever played hands down. Aside from the slightly annoying "path lost" feature, the main character isn't ugly as fuck and the design for all the characters are really nicely done, both personality and looks. Not to mention, the comedy is on point. 雪花飘飘was what prompted me to come onto this website to create an account. Truly one of the games of all time.


Thank you so much!

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