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I've always wondered if some of the devs are of Asian origin due to their art preference for the female characters... then I heard Yi Jian Mei as soundtrack! This is too much xD

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You gotta love Yi Jian Mei


Surely you haven't forgotten about us brotherπŸ˜†

Bank seems to be declining my card for whatever reason☹

I haven't πŸ˜‚
Coming out tomorrow at 6:00 PM (UTC)!

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i always get stuck after i attended the meeting in japan i tried other options but i still end up getting stuck and i also can't access the hot spring :/ i literally can't do anything in the game. i was wondering if this is a bug or no

Are you playing 0.7.1? That should be solved in 0.7.2

thanks i didn't notice i downloaded an older version. and really great game btw really looking forward to the next update :D

Thank you Jierra! :)


Hey, I loved the game and enyojed it a lot, I hope more people get to play it, so I did a video on it.


That was absolutely great 😍
Thank you so much for your review, man!

Dude..I'm a huge fan of your game, the scariness, humor things are way better. than any of the trashes out there...Pls add more girls and sex scenes..Looking forwarsd for the update.Keep up the good work XD

Thank you hercules! I will 😁

and also dude pls create more games XD


I plan to! Haha πŸ˜‚

Hey man how are u?? When's the next update??


Hey man, coming out next month!


Ok thx, can't wait for it!!!

Next Month as in December..?

December 5-10 (probably) for patrons

Late December here :)


Dude, my internet always crashes before I can finish the download. Can you make compressed versions?

Compressed versions



However, be aware that the quality of the images is reduced!


I am ok with that, thank you so much!


I'm laughing so much at the "What is the capital of Australia?" question.

You just HAD to include "Vienna" as an option!


Is it not? πŸ€£


Amazing game. 

This is one of few of the game on Itchi NSFW i would actually pay around 10 for, or more in the future.

Thank you so much! :')


Well since i have you here I noticed someone said something about the humor a few comments back.. I love the humor personally. Like the part where they complete the scavenger hunt at the festival and the prize is shit so they kind of stare into the guys soul until he gives them the katana. Wholesome humor is good humor in a game like this is I think you nailed it.

Thanks man! It's nice to see people enjoying the game, and I'm glad if it made you laugh πŸ˜„

Bro,,Can you pls recommend games like this one XD

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Great work Carbdis! Also you need a Patreon link here so you can get the support you should have in keeping this going! Good Luck to you

HAHA! I see your link  now! joining up right now


Thank you very much hawkeye! 😍

Will there be a wlkthrough for version 7.2?

Yes, I updated it to v0.7.2
Thanks for the heads up

you son of a bit-

really leaving us there with a standoff? considered me played


Hell yeah 🀩

This is a better ad for the game then anything could possibly be

Hello.  The 0.7.2 APK will not install for me.  It will download and show the install progress bar, but then displays the message: App did not install.  Any suggestions?   Thanks!

That's weird, I've tried it and it works for me. 
You can download 0.7.1 instead though, it has the same content (it only lacks a few bug fixes)

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Like i said in some of my previous comments, i really do enjoy this game. There's a healthy mix of humour, storytelling and horror. Compared to other nsfw games with horror elements, whose horror elements seem more tacked on and barely coincides with their game. Once in a Lifetime (OiaL) seamlessly integrates the horror with the main narrative and humour.

The humour and horror in OiaL is perfectly balanced, not many games, especially nsfw games have caused legitimate laughter in me multiple times. And the horror and dramatic elements of the game is paired perfectly with the overarching plot of the game, but isn't overbearing in it's delivery. Not many nsfw games have such an in-depth and compelling plot that isn't just centered around having sex with every girl in the game. 

I enjoyed the game, and i liked the characters, though i feel there isn't too much depth to them and they are more archetypes, but you've been able to make their lack of depth work with the story and not really noticeable until you actually start to think about it.

There isn't many flaws that i can think of when it comes to this game, the only things i can come up with, is the lack of a way to keep track of girl's scores, gallery and a couple grammatical and spelling mistakes in the first 2 chapters.

It'd be great if you added in a way to check what the score values are for each girl without having to wait for a choice that effects their values to show up.

For gallery, i think it'd be best if you make it so that players can directly access it from the main menu and maybe have it be more organised, perhaps by characters or by chapters.

And for grammatical and spelling mistakes, throughout the whole of version 0.7, there isn't many noticeable grammatical or spelling mistakes. But in the early chapters, there are a couple lines of dialogue that just have a word that's out of place or are mispelt. Nothing egregious, but being someone who's very particular over the grammar and spelling used in the forms of media that i consume, i tend to notice these things. Unfortunately, i can't name a specific scene of line of dialogue that has these mistakes, but you should go through the script of chapters 1 and 2 in your spare time and fix up these mistakes, especially before you release the final version.

In conclusion, i really enjoyed the game and give it a rating of 4.9/5, or 5/5 as i can't put anything more specific than ratings from 1 to 5 on I hope you have a good life Caribdis. I look forward to what future versions bring, especially after having seen that cliffhanger at the end of chapter 7.

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Thank you so much for your review HenTie, I really appreciate it πŸ˜

That kind of comments motivates me to keep going with more desire than ever! And thank you for the feedback and suggestions, I'll look into it! 

I wish you well too ^^

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man, i was just going back through my first review, and comparing v0.7 to v0.8 and v0.9, i can see that you've made many improvements on the issues that i had with v0.7, and seeing a developer actively taking on criticism and working to improve their game for their audience is wonderful thing to see.

That's the key to success! 
I didn't remember it was you who gave me the idea to create a screen to keep track of girl's scores. Good advice! 😁

i have just one thing to say:

I need more of it.

Im done oh and Wow the game is nice build and intense love it 

Thank you kanzu!

Yeah number 1 on my list till now, hope there's much more to come, and for a long time lol

of hell yea um hyped for it.

Haven't gotten too far in the game, but just wanted to point something out real quick. In Judie's quiz, the answer for the most populated city is Shanghai, but a quick google search said the answers Tokyo. Yes, i cheated on an in-game quiz, but ya gotta keep your answers up to date or, say something like "what was the most populated city in the world, during 2019". Cuz say, minimum couple years from now, the most populated city is gonna change to something else.

Yeah! I know, apparently Tokyo is the most populated city according to Google but only if it includes the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, which is technically made of several cities. 

I'm gonna change that question in v0.8, though, since I see it can be controversial xD

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aight, remember to add a date to the question as well, since things change over time, so adding a date to the questions makes things more consistent across versions. 

Cuz it's very possible that someone playing this a decade from now will be living in a time where the most populated city is a city that barely anyone has heard about right now.

Any idea when the next update is coming??

It's too soon to give a date, but maybe in late November

More iris scenes please :<

A new scene with her is coming in next update 🀩



Lol good, I was just going to ask for more of her too :D

I just finished the criminal meeting but now I'm stuck on the town map with nothing to do. Any help?

I believe this only happens in 0.7.1 - apk, if you didn't watch Lauren's H-scene.
Try watching her scene (the one at the spa, before going to Japan), or downloading 0.7.2

Thanks I'll try that. However I did download 7.2 but it won't install. 

Deleted post


Deleted post

Ahh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No, I don't hate him hahaha
He may not be human but he's an admirable member of our society 😌


He's really not that bad for a lizardman.  You've just got to keep a good supply of crickets on hand or he gets feisty and weird.


Lizardman? I thought the guy was a Venusian (Venus aliens), i heard their planet has some pretty futuristic tech hidden beneath the surface of their watery planet.


The lizardman thing is just a cover-up to mislead us. 
Open your eyes, guys.

What kind of inside joke did I come upon-

The download links are still in 0.6



Is this the new update already?? Can't wait anymore lol

Tomorrow's the day βŒ›


When will the next update be out? I'm just curious, as this is my all time favorite game so far. The writing, the scenes... just everything. You have my full support. Gonna be subscribing to your patreon as I have to see this finished. 

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Thank you! 😍 I'll post the next update this coming week!

Is there a way to win against Tom in the party? I tried all the number for 0 to 9, and it's all wrong. It's pissing me off.

Yeah, but you have to befriend the security guard at the entrance. Then, he tells you the correct numbers from the back (2, 5, 6).

If you get stuck somewhere else you can check the walktrough attached! 

Do you have a discord to join?

Nice work man, gotta say the creepy hospital part, really nice touch, loved it keep up the good work!!!

Thanks man! :)

Deleted post

Thanks buddy I'm glad if it helped.
No particular reason, just wanted to make an adult game with my personal touch πŸ€ͺ

can someone tell the release date of version 0.7?

Mid-September, less than a month away :) 

The best one I've played so far

Thanks bro ^^

Do you have any discord server?


<<Minor spoiler warning>>

I love this, but why is your character eating shit SO funny. Every time i got hit by Tom was funny, every flop during the race was funny, and EVERY time I got shot in the face and told I was wrong....HILARIOUS.


Hell yeah, I love it too 🀣🀣


Dude, I came for the pron, but stayed for the story.

Love the unfolding mystery and the atmosphere in the "Resident Evil" area was outrstanding!

This game is awesome! I literally had to make an account to tell you that!

Love the humor, love the girls' personality and looks. Art-style (for the women) is 10/10.

My only complaint is that some of the dudes look a bit too alike, like the gameshow host almost looked like MC. (Sri-Lankan, you could've made him darker.) The father of the opposing family looked like Stabby Mike etc.

Also, like it that you actually have to work for getting to final base. IMO, it should be a reward for the endgame only. You might nail other chicks, but Lauren, Judie and Carla is the final goal. Just make it a loooong struggle, makes it sweeter in the end. (The spa scene with Lauren should be retconned!!!)

Finally, I really regret playing the game, since I now have to wait ages for the final build! :-p

Hopefully sooner than later.

I am seriously considering supporting this on patreon!

Keep on keeping on!!!



Thanks man!! I loved your review πŸ˜
I don't want to artifically lengthen the game, so hopefully final build won't take that long. When I’ve done everything I want to do, it’ll end. (Then it'll be time for a new game with a new story 😁) But in the meantime, I'll keep working hard on it!

New update coming in September! 

Uhhh is there a mega link for android?

my browser is shit so i cant really download it

but it looks good tho.... pls reply xD πŸ˜


This is really good VN , but you might want to consider less "cringey" scenes , it's not bad though , just an opinion

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As for the scenes, which ones you mean?

the bad jokes one


I'm sorry, but the jokes are wholesome and amazing. I laughed at how simple, yet funny, they were.

I know this is an old comment, but it had to be said.

Same. I've never laughed this much at a porn game. The timing is just... *chef's kiss*

Thanks guys! :D

When's the next patch?

Looking forward to it, cool stuff

I can't seem to unlock the 11th scene


If you're referring to Lauren's massage, the order is: back, legs, back, lower back, legs, ass, pussy. Also, you need 9 or more affection points!

Next update coming up in early September!


I've played a lot of VNs recently, this is in my top 10 after just one play through, bravo sir!

Thanks man!

Does the patch file work on the Android version? If it does where should it go.


i gotta say man this was a real treat dude. the humor in this game is top tier and all the girls are super hot. totally looking forward to more from this game and you in the future.

Thank you 😍

One of the best games i played... It has a good story ang it's funny. I played this all night nonstop... Keep the good word(it's a great game) ohh also i wanted to ask how do you unlock the eight scene? I cannot seem to unlock it... 


Thanks Zenon!
Take a look at the walkthrough, if you're referring to Jasmine's scene, you need to 1-check out her scores when you're at Rebecca's and 2-answer the phone at the party

Thank u so much it work

Where is the patch file supposed to go?

Inside "game" folder

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