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dang, Lauren BEST GIRL, and also, love that BlackMetal Riffs in that scene with lauren at park and the travel to village🤘🤘🤘 Thanks Caribdis, this VN has been one of the best games i've ever played, if someone ever asked me of a good VN game, i'd say Caribdis without hesitation, the character developments are extraordinary along with Eternum, LAUREN BEST GIRL

Completed the game in one sitting, it's beautiful. I was surprised at how much character and story development there was along side the comedic factor and the horror part it had. I highly recommend this game, awesome!

Thank you so much!!


holy shit i almost forgot about Stabby MIke ! I need a Stabby Mike in my life forreal Caribdis

I've played for about an hour and still haven't heard any music in the game, only the sound effects. The main menu theme does play.
Is this normal or something's wrong with my game?

The beginning of it is quite silent, sorry about it


I see, thanks, now I'm starting to hear tracks more and more after a couple more hours, so all is good.
Best of luck completing Eternum, came here after trying it.


Looking forward to the completion of Eternum, if this game is any indicator then we will have another masterpiece on our hands.


TYVM! I hope you like it as well


Is this game 100% finished? I don't see anything new from last year.


It is finished. Great game!


Thank you! I enjoyed Eternum as well. That's what brought me here.

Damn that was really good, very well done!


can you download this game on an apple phone? if yes which one

IOs doesn't support Ren'py nor adult games, sorry about it

No worries, thanks for your games they are AMAZING at story telling!! 

the history I saw here made me fear that the creator would have only this masterpiece done, so I'm glad to see the diamond hands keep going on Eternum, many come to see if is just more one explicit game, but leave knowing that a game with deep history and well-done characters makes this genre far better... you start to look with less value to games poor or lazy written after that.

Thank you very much!


You know this is the best avn in history ever and best thing is it is completed which gives satisfaction and joy and sadness that it ends,it has thousands reason to play for but u will giv you best one,play it because it has stabby mike the best side character ever scene in any movie,series,drama,shows, webseries,game,vn,irl no match for tht guy you will love him more than this avn and girls for sure,but don't expect some bromance haha.

Thank you!!

Hey Caribdis! I am  loving the game so far, but I have a bit of a conundrum.  It's been a while since I played the game last and I can't remember if I have impregnation on or not. Would you mind sharing with me, the file I need to look at to see if this is true?

Thank you either way!

Yes, there is impregnation :)


Made an account just to comment how much I loved this Game and Eternum. A lot of These horny games are cool and all but with Once in A Lifetime and Eternum I've found myself actually having fun, Enjoying myself even when there's no sex happening on screen. I can't give a higher recommendation to any game. 6/5 stars. 

Thank you so much! <3

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    Man how can I start this... 
    I read novels a lot, yet not really a fan of visual novels in the past, especially English isn't even my mother language. I'm from Taiwan; We speak Mandarin.
    Yet totally changed this June.
    Starting from playing Waifu Academy a little bit; then truly got interested in VN after finding My Bully is My Lover; and, now there's Eternum and Once in a Lifetime.

    I'll say Eternum is kind of like a full upgraded version of Once in a Lifetime, yet OIAL is already etertaining enough, especially it's the first complete VN game for me. It's an overwhelmingly good experience.
    Great experience here even for a foreigner here. I already saw lots of praises and cheers in the comments below, but hey, maybe a big praise from someone who lives in a foreign country that you may even hardly knew can somehow cheer you or inspired you a little bit more.

    I truly love the game, love the story. Thank you Caribdis.
    Bro I even create the account for leaving my comment here LUL.

Thank you Hejim <333

Why does my game end after the Japanese game show?


Possibly an outdated version or you just keep losing the gameshow maybe?


Wait you can win the game show?

Just retry all possible paths and you will end up winning

Yes buddy the plot is you have to win else you dont get ticket and game ends there,not canon ending it just ends since you failed to win the show


I just finish playing and God I loved every second, it's not just your typical sex game, is so much fun to play and see every posible outcome, the parts where you can "play" those multi answer games are the most fun i ever had in a visual novel and the story is so original and fresh, not your typical "I just move in with my new family and need to adapt to it."

Hey bud can you say how not to die after the Japanese game show?

There is a walkthrough available if want can use it buddy.

Thank you so much!

Quick question. I followed the paths for every girl and finished but is there not a way to take all of them on the airplane


Nevermind I found the way! I VOTED FOR YOU STABBY MIKE!

Definitely a great president stabby mike

Chang is Eternum's Stabby Mike

President Stabb for life

Alright, comprehensive review time motherfuckers:

Jesus Christ where do i even start? 

First an foremost, if your looking at the page wondering whether or not you should download the game, DO IT

Once in a lifetime is one of the most complete adult games I've ever played before, its got everything. Heartwarming romance, great sex scenes, an amazing sense of humor, genuinely scary horror sections, and quite literally the best plot I've ever seen before in a visual novel.

Its not just your typical "Boy wakes up and builds a harem in a week" type games, its clear how much effort was put into the story and background of the world, and the multiple endings are all great. Except for the secret one. That one still eludes me xD

Eternum is gonna be in development for at least a few more years, having played 0.3 to completion and having 0.4 ready to go after i post this  i am very excited as to what will happen next!

I really do hope there is a least a little bit of crossover between the two games, maybe the OIAL MC could tutor Eternum MC in how to handle having a harem, and maybe a little bit on the occult too.

God bless you Caribdis you glorious bastard, and I am so excited to see what you come up with next!

Thank you for such a great review, Minty! <3

This game is not bad, but I still think the other game Eternum is much better than this one. Not only the graphics, but also the stories perform more excellent. Honestly, some of the girl's routes like Jas and Iris didn't impress me, in my opinion the main character doesn't show enough charming part on those routes, those girls just surrender because of his magic dick, which give me a feel that those part are not well designed. But anyway, most of the stories like Carla, Lauren and Judie's parts were amazing, it worth having a try before the update of Eternum 0.5.


To be completely fair to Caribdis, this game was a long project and was completed before he started on Eternum. I absolutely agree that Eternum is a better game, but part of that's because THIS game was completed, cleaned up and finished before he even started Eternum. 

It's easy to track Caribdis' progress and growth by comparing the two games; that said, we wouldn't HAVE Eternumn of Caribdis wasn't a badass who actually finished one game before starting the next one. 

And FWIW, I still liked the heck outta this game - even with its stumbles, and some seriously goofy story stuff, it still kept me engaged enough to WANT to finish it. YMMV, of course, just my 2 cents. :)

Well, i finally finished both Eternum 0.4 and once in a lifetime yesterday, btw i found out in another page that this one existed, so while waiting for Eternum why wouldn't I give it a try?  And I must say that it was a REALLY good decision, you're a genius, dude I wish I had discovered this game much earlier,  but still, it was amazing, it completely surprised me, i don't usually play games like this, I'm not really a visual novel enjoyer... But i did enjoyed both a lot, I'm looking forward to support you, because your work deserves it as much as you. Meanwhile, i'll wait for the next Eternum update, which I'm sure that'll be amazing. Thank you man, this was an incredible game.

Thank you! Glad you liked it too

well i was waiting for eternum 0.4 to get released but after i downloaded eternum 0.4 i found that you have another game maaan i wish i found this sooner while waiting for new eternum update, is this game finished btw? so i dont need to wait for new updates :P and cant wait

Yeah, I finished it before starting Eternum :)

Came here and played this game immediately after finishing Eternum 0.4. because good lord the quality that Caribdis puts out is bar none. The story, the characters, and everything in between is so damn good. The choices are legitimate and the replay value on this is just another checkmark to add to the list of why this is a top-tier VN. If you want a VN with a damn good story and meaningful choices on top of the porn? Well just click the damn download button already. And then go and play Eternum too because if you liked this? Holy fucking damn will you like Eternum.

Also Lauren, Aiko, and Jasmine best girls.

Also Stabby Mike best character and I will not be convinced otherwise!

Thank you so much, Rogue!

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how do you even beat tom at the party?!? i keep trying all the numbers i can use but nothing works. what do i have to do to beat this guy


The guard/bouncer in the back left should be giving you the answers on his fingers

Haven't started the game yet just wanted to know what the starting menu song is! It goes hard

Mysteries, Dan Lebowitz

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Your amazing! I played all of .3, since the .4 was coming out tmrw I figured it seemed fitting to finish the first game beforehand, easily some of the best game I've played in my life, and that is saying something! Especially among visual novels, I hope you continue to make incredible games in the future! also I assume the reference to cults in Eternum is a hint at this game? Great job incorporating hints at what is coming next, has happend previously. This game truly is something that only happens, Once in a lifetime. Just like Michael Stabb said!

Thank you very much, Bakugan!!
The cults are a reference, yeah :)

How do you win in the gameshow to go to Japan?

All the information you need is in the walkthrough

Thanks for the game ! 

Maybe because I play in a TV, but I often find text hard to read. Would love option to toggle a textbox, or change font color/size. One example where I struggle in pic attached, try zooming out to replicate.


Sorry about it, that's something I learned in my new game.
I'll see if I can implement it here too in the future


So caribdis, bro i was playing eternum and i finished 0.3 and was like this was good does he have another one? well what do you know he does and man this one left me speechless as well, i cant wait for what you have in store for us later, 10/10

Thank you! Glad you liked both!!




This game is awesome, I finished the good ending and I got emotional, I got the secret ending and also emotional but its kind of weird that I feel sad/bad about that one?XD

It isn't, imo! Haha
Glad you liked it!

heya, I just finished the game can you please tell me what the secret ending is about? with details if possibl?

It's a (not canon) reference to Eternum. You log off and you talk to Dalia

cool 👌

Is once in a life time in the same universe as Eternum?


Yup they are and there would be crossovers ,maybe between MCs it would look good and since canon ending is with all girls,i wish in eternum we get to meet Oial MC and his wife's

please make a second one sometime in the future because it takes a while for these games

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Two words Caribdis. Don't Stop. You are doing an amazing job. I started the game two days ago and I finished it today. Never played a game like this. There's no way I can state how amazing the game is and I wont try because it will in no way do justice to this work of art. All I can say is to keep doing what youre doing and that I cant wait to play Eternum. Wish you the best of luck in all aspects of life.


Thank you so much!
I hope you enjoy Eternum too

Hi Caribdis why did you disable comments in your current game Eternum?

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Because you keep posting spoilers of an update that hasn't been publicly released yet


Okay I understand. I'm sorry 🥺😔

And also the Discord is closed too. Why is that?

It was closed because there were too many people and scam links were starting to become a problem 

Hi Caribdis thanks for your amazing works, can you tell me what the song you use for the last meeting with Astaroth ?

Its called "I'll be right behind you Josephine" by Josh Woodward

Thats the ending song. He meant the song during the last encounter with astaroth.

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If you've randomly hit upon this page, stop and download this game right now. Hell, kick a few bucks Caribdis' way because this is NOT some throwaway porn game. It's far more of a visual novel that just has porn in it.

Solid reasons to play:

  • The story is engaging. It's not going to knock your socks off in originality, but it's certainly fresh enough for the genre and it's done well.
  • The females aren't flat stereotypes. They all have similar body types but are pretty to look at once used to the art style, and each have different personalities that don't suddenly change just because it's porn time. Moreover, the girls don't just immediately jump into bed with you after one interaction. Slower burn, more character investment.
  • The routes are combined. It's a harem game, so you can execute each girl's route in one playthrough of the main storyline. No need to replay 10 times.
  • The comedy. The jokes and their delivery are pretty on point. The game is careful to balance comedy and plot drama, never taking itself too seriously until it's necessary.
  • Stabby Mike.
  • The effort. A lot went into this game to bring it up to its current quality. Even if it turns out to not be your thing, TRY it.

Thanks, Caribdis. This shit was a ride and I'll be looking forward to Eternum in the future.


Holy shit YES!  This is literally the best visual novel I've ever played!  I was shocked by how entertaining this game was and just the breath of emotions this game conveyed.  The comedy was great, I got actually jump scared at one point and I was shocked that happened.  All the girls are great and have their own personalities and grow shockingly well to your character.  There's a little bit of the, "You can walk and breathe at the same time? I love you!" But it's a ton better than a lot of shows and movies out there and it's a porn game.  Hell, even the endings went from making me feel sad to just being wholesome af.

Not enough praise can be said for this.  I'm excited to donate and hopefully help fund Eternum. :)

Thank you!


Damn, thank you so much for such a great review, Scruffy! 💗
I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

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The story is fucking amazing, having a good balance between developing your relationships with the girls, mystery, and comedy. Best visual novel game I've ever played.


Glad you liked it!


Absolute masterpiece!



I'm Brazilian but I understand a little English, even with this little obstacle I didn't stop playing until the end, the story held me too much. I can say with certainty that it was a VERY well written game and with a lot of passion in development, I really appreciate it for providing me with this experience! I'm very sad to have finished the story and if there was a continuation I would play for sure!😁😄 THANKS!

I don't have the money to contribute to the development right now but when I do have the money, I'll definitely be happy to contribute, thanks for providing the experience for free.

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There to my knowledge isnt a true blue Continuation but Eternum follows the same universe to my knowledge its atleast made by the same author and is I cant say massively better in quality but there's a notable difference in the Quality of the Modeling and texture's and so on id suggest checking Eternum out its a fun one 

EDIT: Sorry for typing this all out in English it didn't occur to me to write it in google translate and post it but its honestly easier for me to write it and for you to just translate it so I don't have to deal with the inconsistencies of the translation fucking me over

It's ok, translating English for me is easy, the difficult thing for me is to speak and write hahahaha. I'm sad that there's no sequel to "Once in a lifetime" but I'm already playing "Eternum" and I'm finding it super fun too!!

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Got it sorry if im rude about not bothering to translate but I vaguely remember there being a few important differences in like Japanese and I wasnt sure if that carried over to any other language but ya Eternum is a great One I fully agree if I'm honest I think I prefer Eternum over Once  in a lifetime but that's probably personal preference  I find that Eternums girls/characters are more speed they fall in my strike zone more

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relax, it wasn't rude at all! And I'm really finding "Eternum" wonderful, the soundtrack, the graphics, the story and everything else, I found it very immersive and I confess that in my head it turned into a movie. A big hug from Brazil.😄

Thank you so much! 😍

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