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I'm Caribdis and I'm creating Eternum, a choice-based visual novel made in Ren'py with tons of romance, mystery, humor, and much more!



You’re moving with your best friend to the city of Kredon, home to some of the best schools and universities in the country, to continue your studies. However, in Kredon, there’s only one thing everyone talks about: ETERNUM—the virtual, hyper-reality MMORPG game released a few years ago that revolutionized the world of technology.

With a neural implant that recreates the five senses, it becomes impossible to distinguish between the game and the real world.
Thousands of servers form the network of Eternum: from colorful, magic-filled fantasy worlds to foggy sci-fi cities, no world is beyond reach.

Nevertheless, looking beyond the surface, there's a darker side to this pretty facade: black markets, torture, rape, illegal content trafficking, unlawful assemblies, data theft… Eternum follows the rules of no man.

For some reason, governments turn a blind eye to this; there’s no regulation and no control. Some say it’s because the game is highly addictive, some say it’s because the market moves millions of dollars daily, some say those in power have been bribed, and others say… there’s something else going on.

And you? What’s your role in this story?

Well... That’s up to you now.


About me

The game currently has thousands of renders and animations, but it's still in development! This means that there's still a LOT of stuff to come! Many adventures and sexy moments await you!

In the meantime, you can take a look at my other game: Once in a Lifetime, which I already completed! As Eternum, it's totally free for everyone!

If you'd like to support the development of the game, please check out my Patreon or Subscribestar pages, where you can contribute to the creation of the game while having an active role, get Exclusive Content, get updates before anyone else, and much more!

Thank you!

Updated 1 hour ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Comedy, Erotic, Male protagonist, Mystery, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance


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ETERNUM - 0.4 - PC 3 GB
ETERNUM - 0.4 - MAC 3 GB
ETERNUM - 0.4 - ANDROID (Download if the version above crashes)
WALKTHROUGH - 0.4 314 kB

Development log


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I enjoy the game alooot! but android rly hv a bug where click open girls profile reports error. so cnnt see how they feel pls its too realistic. hope to be fixed soon.

bro, this is gonna sound weird but i really appreciate all of the gym references in this game and once in a lifetime. its been strangely motivating me to keep working out hahaha. now i just need to squat 350

Good luck with that xD


Dude,my day was ruined after reading some shitty manhwa(with ntr stuff blah blah......).

I feel so good after playing eternum once again.

Thanks for this masterpiece.

My pleasure ^^


Just so you know, Caribdis. ETERNUM is the golden standard,b by a landslide. It's premise allows for the game to jump from action theme, to horror theme, to roleplaying theme without effort. It's borderline genius. If you ever require someone to write a proper Spanish translation, contact me.

Will do, thank you!!

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Ten minutes in and Chang is the real MVP. More entrants for the muscle girl appreciation club.

CRITICISM: No one plays video games that actively and goes to the gym lol

Love the game, I'm trying to get into programming and make games( and games like this), do you mind if I ask a question or two?

holy fuck, this game is on another whole level. it's so uncommon to feel that immersed in a VN game. i totally loved the worlds created in Eternum too. Like every world has alot to offer. Andromeda and the red Herring are easily my two favorite so far. keep up the great work

Thank you so much!

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Hi Caribdis. Good game, have to play the 0.4 update in Android, but after downloading the version wholly(full 2.11GB), and after clicking to update the apk, it says that "update not installed as package appears to be invalid"

What to do? ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ The 0.3 ver app is still there, and the apk is 0.4 (I tried to update the 0.3 ver apk, but it wasn't working)

Did the download really complete (100%)? Because it sounds like corrupted download to me. If it still doesn't work, maybe try downloading with different browser. 

Also did you make sure you've enough storage space before updating? You can backup saves, uninstall 0.3, install 0.4 and then placing saves back as a last resort if other methods doesn't work. 

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Remove the old version of the game from your phone and do a clean install with the new version (you will lose all your savefiles though, unless you back them up). I have this wellknown  issue with almost all apk builds of renpy games, update app does not work. A clean install will most of the time resolve it, unless you have no more storage space.

Thnx for the reply! Really appreciate it!

Loved the game bro♥️, btw when is the next update?

Give the man some time, maybe come back after 3 or 4 months.


I have so much respect for Caribdis and his games, Once in a Lifetime and Eternum. I've been proudly supporting his Patreon since about version 0.6 of Once in a Lifetime and the narratives are unforgettable. I would love to see more mainstream possibilities for these games, which probably isn't likely due to the Honey Select2 engine being in use. There are also myriad references to other media. The fact that these games aren't afraid to reference mainstream franchises without fear of copyright retaliation is one of the things that makes them great- it makes them feel true to life and untainted by corporate shenanigans.

Caribdis, you're worth gold and I want you to know that. I'd love for you to receive more income by releasing games on wider platforms like Steam- but I also don't want you to stifle your creativity by adhering to any kind of pressure. However you go forward, know that you're bringing lots of laughs and lots of heartfelt emotions along with you. I treasure your stories and am always thrilled with each new installment.


Thank you very much, Grimace <3


Hey Caribdis, in version 0.4, It'd mean a lot to me if you could disclose the composer and title of the track that plays when talking to Alex outside under the stars before entering the maze. Thank you!


Almost Flying - Mattia Vlad Morleo

Deleted 12 hours ago

Found it, thank you. Album name is Memories released in 2020, only found it on a single English site after much digging. That guy's on his way to big things as well for being so young!

Привет Карибдис спасибо за игру это лучшее что я играл в жанре визуальных новеллы и из атмосферных игр.Ставлю оценку за игру 10/10 мне нравится сюжет этой игры и персонажи и их истории не терпится увидеть 0.5 часть этой потрясающей игры. Эта игра очень классная в некоторых моментах у меня были слезы от счастья когда Далия и Орион поддерживал её и пляж очень красивый вид. Вообщем спасибо что ты есть и продолжаешь игру с нетерпением ждём продолжения следующих событий. 

The new android version is bugging a bit, like the menu for the girls can't be open, and if you try to open it, it will be popping  out errors.


This didn't happen before?
Why is Android so troublesome 😩

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I just finished the game on android, didn't have any problems. You outdid yourself on this one. Your previous game was amazing, but this is on whole other level. You put most VN's to shame. This is some incredible highlevel writing here. I love all the characters, good job!

PS, thanks for scaring me shitless. Never thought there would be so many horror like situations in this one, I like that!

Ah, happy to hear that! TYVM!

the last one (4.0) was working fine for me, it's  just the new one you just upload got this issue, at least I hope do?

How can I update this game instead of downloading it again?


You need to download it again, there's no in app update. If you are on Android, make sure you are overwriting the old app instead of uninstalling old app and installing new one. 

Hey caribdis love both your games, honestly best I played on this site. I got a question, in the date scene with Annie at the cinema we see a poster of something called "Athanasia" coming soon. Is that a teaser for the next game? 

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Nah, it's just a reference to the future game of a friend (Niichan)
I'm still far from my new game, Eternum has a lot of content ahead :D


Man if Eternum was real I would have ignored gems and the whole Founder quest and just chilled with bros in a bar or something

Hey love the game its soo amazing but for some reason i think i keep losing dalia no matter what i do even if i do everything to boost her relationship and it happens during right as your bout to fight in the romain server hope its a glitch because dalia is my top 3 favorite girls

It means you missed some points during the playthrough, check the walkthrough to see if you've missed any. 

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how to unlock "nancy evening" and "still water"??? pls help me:((

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Follow the walkthrough. You can download it here.

INCREDIBLE. This was my first visual novel I played, and sincerely this was just super addictive ! Can't wait to see what happens next 🫣 Thanks a lot and hope you gonna keep doing it !

Glad you liked it!


Dude made an account just to say that there's no fucking way you improved this much from your other project. I mean either you have access to some fucking hyperbolic time chamber or you somehow have a team now. 

Na but jokes aside, crazy jumps, would def cry again.


Haha thank you!!


Loved this


Hi Caribdis! I love your game! I played v0.2, then updated to 0.3 and now, I tried to update it to 0.4 and a message appears "App not installed". I tried 0.4 and 0.4.1 and the same message appears. It's not a storage issue (I have over 70gb free space). I'm playing on Android phone.

I also have it on Windows (v0.4) but the save file from Android isn't compatible (if it was, I wouldn't bug you). 

I'll gladly replay from the beginning (since I don't have a save file on Windows) but I would like to make use of my save file on my phone.

Mmm I wish I could help, but I don't know much about Android, sorry 😔

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Hi Caribdis. What’s with the reupload of 0.4 for android? Does it have extra content or just bug fix?

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Just bugfix  (or so I hope), nothing new, no worries

oh I see. thanks!

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I really liked the game I expected a normal game but I have to say that I loved it (Nova best waifu)

english is not my first language 

I can't wait to see the new content, you had a great idea and congratulations

Me ha gustado mucho el juego esperaba algo normalito pero... tengo que decir que si dudas en jugarlo pruébalo

Historia (incompleta) 10/10

memes 10000/10

personajes 10/10

Nova 10000000000000000/10

Thank you very much!

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Absolutely loving it. Was already caught up with 0.3 but had to replace my device and just finished bingeing it. 

Only one issue: for some reason a select few scenes haven't unlocked in the gallery despite getting them in the story. Outside of that the story is flawless.

I don't know how to save the progress on Android.

There's Menu button at the bottom of the screen, tap it and you will see save screen where you can save the game.


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This game is the best, I already finished v.0.3 and downloaded the update on android but I can't update it so I moved the saved progress, Deleted v0.3 and installed v.0.4.1,  Moved the saved progress back in the "save" file to continue the game but the game doesn't allow me to, It says something like (acces denied). Please fix this, It's  just that I don't  want to repeat all the choices that I already did before the update and the longer the story goes the more choices I have to redo.


Best VN I've played yet. Can't wait for the next update!


Caribdis releasing godlike contents as always. Would definitely love to join your patreon if I am not a broke ass atm

Glad you liked it!


Just finished the latest update, I have to say I am genuinely in this for the story now, it's so unique, such a fun concept. The world building and characters are incredible and the development is not rushed or out of character at all. I love all the subtle things you added in such as Heads or Tails at the end, can not wait for the next update of this!

Thank you very much!


Hey, I just felt I needed to say this: Thank you. I know it's super weird that I'm writing such an emotional review comment on a porn game of all things, but you are amazing. This game has lovable characters, well written story that I got emotionally invested in, and what h-scenes there are are well animated and enjoyable. I will not lie, I cried or almost cried at least 3 times playing this game. Like, the writing, characters, and animations are some of the best I've seen in any VN and you are doing this for freeYou're awesome and I'm so excited for future updates. 


Thank you so much!! 😍
I'm happy to read this

You should check out their other game, it’s equally as awesome.


idk why but, whenever the animations play it plays in like 3 fps, I don't know if its my laptop or what but, I just recently finished your previous game and the animation ran much more smoother. any recommendation on how to fix it.

from further observation, I determined that I have a potato pc that can't handle dynamic camera movements, also f up did not went with eves path making the "other girls" tab unaccessible.

It says I'm unable to install when I have 0.3 installed


You mean "App Not Installed"? Make sure you have enough storage space, preferably 6~8 GB available.

I have 60gb free


This game is insane i really looooooove this game please hurry and relese 0.5 of this can't wait.....


I just finished playing this game again, this is amazing and thank you Caribdis for leaving this free to play. Can't wait for the next update!

Glad you liked it!


I really liked this game, especially the ending that made me wonder. Eternum Is it really just a game or is there something greater?

Hi i love the game (still playing through it right now) but i was wondering if u could help me. im on android (fire 7 gen 9 tablet) and when there is a cutscene it crashes so i was wondering if u could send me a version of the game with better stabilty (maybe make the textures lower res or something) anyway tnx for reading my coment and love the game

Did you download the 2nd version uploaded? I'm not sure I can do more

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I fucking love it! I wanna know how the story will end, the cliffhanger at the end of this version was insane.... Please, tell me when the 0.5 version is programmed to be released!

I can't give a date yet! Keep an eye on the progress bar!

Surely I will, I'd like to help by donating but unfortunately I can't.... Maybe an Italian translation? xD

No matter what I do, I can't seem to unlock the relationship with Alex. Anyone knows what is the problem?

Once you lose it, you can't get it back
Make sure you follow the walkthrough!


My advice if you want to avoid spoilers with the walk through, would be to be funny, take an interest and just don't butt kiss

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I wasnt expecting to see Falazio from fates collide!!! IM ON SOME FUCKIN PLANET AND HERE COMES THE TEQUILA MADMAN FALAZIO 

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